Pastor's Class Resources

We invite you to click on the link below to access the Passport curriculum that is used in the New Member class offered for guests and newcomers at Spokane Valley Church.  We provide this class periodically throughout the year, giving all participants a chance to learn more about the unique ministry of this congregation while getting better acquainted with one another in three consecutive, ninety minute sessions.


What kind of church captures your attention? Better yet, what kind of church would actually earn and keep your respect?

Let me tell you that Spokane Valley Church of the Nazarene aspires to go where Jesus goes, doing whatever Jesus wants to accomplish in and beyond our community. And because of our sense of mission in the world, we want to make good on three crucial promises as we endeavor to serve each person entrusted to our care:

  • We want to assist you to live an authentic Jesus life, embodying his compassionate presence in the world as the transforming holiness of Christ becomes increasingly evident to and through you.
  • We want to help you find a meaningful way to journey in community with others, growing in healthy relationships characterized by both truth-telling and mercy.
  • We hope to challenge you to discover a significant vocation of service in the world, a unique way of being "open for business" by blessing others personally wherever God gives you opportunity.

Holiness. Community. Vocation. This is the basic “genetic code” we hope to inscribe in every soul we encounter through the ministry of this congregation. We know these are important values, and we count it a real privilege to serve our community as disciple followers of “the Nazarene” who first demonstrated the power of this radically God-focused life.

Is this the kind of faith community you’ve been looking to discover? I hope so. But for now we simply invite you to take a closer look, trusting that the ministry on display through these web pages will help you determine whether you hear a call to join the real world saints now under construction at Spokane Valley Church of the Nazarene!