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Are you an Admirer or Disciple of Jesus? Lots of people admire Jesus. But becoming a disciple of Jesus means adopting the lifestyle He embodied as the Messiah who came to transform the world. Whether or not you feel ready to accept His invitation to come and follow Him, at least take Him seriously enough to consider the teaching, ethic and actions that put Him on the cross. 

Talk to our pastoral staff about our EMBASSY class that is specifically designed for newcomers and maturing Christians with the questions about what it might mean to live as one of "the Nazarenes," people committed to sacrificial lives for the benefit of others.

Call the church office at 509-926-1545 for the date of our next Embassy Class.

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Adult Sunday School Classes -- 9:30 am

Class Title TeacherLocation
Active FriendshipEric EdmondsChapel 
Life BuildersBaxter/CrooksRoom 2
Lifetree Cafe'Pastor Mark & Nancy SterkRoom 9
Good News Cafe'
Dean OberstRoom 117 
PeacemakersJaryl WeisenRoom 8